EMC Countermeasure Products: TDK Launches Small, High-Performance Thin-Film Common Mode Filters for Mobile Devices


  • This product is a new product in this series, which can realize high attenuation and high speed signal transmission
  • Due to the thin film method, this product occupies 58% less area and is 56% lighter than existing products

TDK Corporation (TSE:6762) has launched the TCM0403M Series of small thin-film common mode filters for mobile devices. The case size of the 0403 (0.45x0.3x0.23 ㎜) is 58% smaller and 56% lighter than the previous product. This product has high common mode attenuation characteristics, which reduces interference noise and improves the sensitivity of wireless signal reception. The common mode attenuation is 21dB at 2.4GHz and 28dB at 5.0GHz, and the maximum allowable current is 50mA. The new product will start mass production in August 2021.

As wireless devices such as smartphones, wearable devices, and other mobile products become multifunctional, wireless signals are deteriorating due to noise generated inside the devices. Therefore, it becomes crucial to prevent deterioration of signal reception sensitivity and external noise that may cause equipment failure. This series will address these common challenges.

Since the footprint of this product is reduced by 58%, it can be installed in an ultra-small space, which was not possible with the existing TCM0605 series (case size: 0.65x0.5 mm). By improving TDK's proprietary fine pattern technology and optimizing the design, this product has common-mode attenuation characteristics equivalent to existing products and differential transmission characteristics that support high-speed signal transmission.

TDK's extensive lineup meets the needs of commonly used filters for high-speed differential signal lines, including USB, MIPI, and HDM.


  • Mode transfer characteristics: differential-common mode transfer characteristics (Scd21)

main application

  • High-speed differential interfaces (USB, MIPI, HDMI, etc.) in mobile devices such as wearables, smartphones, tablets, etc.

Main Features and Benefits

  • Compact size 0.4(L)x0.3(W)x0.23(H)㎜, easy to save space
  • Occupies 58% less and weighs 56% less than existing products
  • High common mode attenuation, support high speed signal transmission and large mode transmission characteristics (Scd21)

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