Murata Corporation is an enterprise that uses electronic materials with excellent performance to design and manufacture the most advanced electronic components and multi-functional high-density modules. Not only mobile phones and home appliances, but also automotive-related applications, energy management systems, and medical and health care equipment, etc., all have Murata's presence. Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. contributes to the electronic society by creating innovative technologies and solutions, etc. It has established a one-stop production system from raw materials to products, and is far ahead in the field of components in the electronics industry such as miniaturization, high performance, and thinning. The sales ratio of products outside Japan is more than 90%, and we are providing technology, products and services to customers in every region of the world. Murata's business philosophy was formulated by founder Akira Murata in 1954. Since then, the world and technology have changed rapidly, but our business philosophy has never changed. All employees keep it in mind and apply it to their work every day.